Fully equipped, mobile, outdoor gym.


Fit Truk is the next step in outdoor strength training. Take this fully equipped mobile gym outdoors, anywhere, anytime. This innovative idea is designed by two certified personal trainers who own and operate a brick-and-mortar gym and have over 35 years of combined fitness experience.

Built within a Mercedes Sprinter platform, Fit Truck is equipped with squat racks, stationary rowers, hip thrust machines, medicine ball walls, pull-up bars, and much more, allowing the operator to run gym-like, strength-based large group, small group, and one-on-one training anywhere, anytime. With equipment doubled on each side, Fit Truk can train up to 30 people with ease.

Fit Truk is a Truk for trainers, exercisers, people looking for a new way to work out, and those looking to bring better health around the country.

It is time to think outside the box.

Spread Out of the Box Fitness With Fit Truk

Fit Truk was created with the goal in mind of evolving physical fitness. With no walls and all the equipment provided, people who want to try something new, better themselves, hate the usual gym, or like working out outdoors will find great results with Fit Truk.

With this new innovative gym style and over 30 pieces of equipment stored within the Truk, new trainers, entrepreneurs, and people who wish to bring change to the fitness industry can find something to not only bring to their own cities but also give everyone the opportunity to experience a great workout.

Create a healthy change with your own Fit Truk and provide a new workout lifestyle to people looking to become their best selves – anytime, anywhere.


Fit Truk contains built-in components for over 30 pieces of training equipment spread out from the sides of the truck to the front of it. Every inch has the capability to be used with its fitness and training goals in mind. While, on the inside, an office built for meetings, consultations, or body compositions is there for when the strength training is done at the end of the day.

Use the Fit Truk as a business expander. With a white-labeled Fit Truk, utilize your own gym or training business while utilizing the equipment and mobility of the Fit Truk. Bring your business anywhere, anytime, with the Fit Truk model.


Want to bring health to your city or make Fit Truk your own? Have Questions? Reach out!

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